The 'Teacher Professional Development' page is a collection of links and resources to help teachers
grow their skills as teachers of early numeracy.
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Calendar Time Clip

Teaching Fact Familiesanother fun way to practice fact families OR discussing the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Fact Family Album Idea

"My students made a fact family album. I gave each student a pair of numbers. They found the third member of their fact family by adding the two together. I then gave the class this cloze passage:

We are a fact family. There are three members in our family. Their names are 5, 4, and 9. We can do four things together --

5 + 4 = 9 4 + 5 = 9 9 - 5 = 4 9 - 5 = 4

They then illustrated their fact family. I did this on the writing paper that has the space at the top for illustrating."

Early Mental Maths Strategies Clip

Extensive Video Library- McGraw Hill

Link to movie about dice games to play

Maths Cats Website - for teachers, with lots of ways to introduce and teach multipication

Number Stick Strategy to teach times table in 10 minutes

Macarena Math- teach skip counting through song and dance

Ways to explain to parents how we teach addition and subtraction

Interesting video showing the way a teacher organises games in her maths rotation

Fraction Wall Lesson on video- Stage 5?

Dorset School Website- Lots of clips about strategies

Maths TalkWatch how a 1st grade teacher helps her students listen to and repeat a classmate's thinking.

Teacher Tools 170 free videos and Power points for New Zealand's Numeracy Project

Maths Activities and stations to download for free

Blog about Daily 5 Math

Is this the future of teaching?

Awesome skip counting game- "BUNNY BALL"

Flip Flop Maths- GREAT BLOG!!!

Number Resources on Leicester Site

Above are the Data Recording Sheets I developed for the teachers at our New Zealand school. They are used when recording the results of the new JAM (Junior Assessment in Mathematics). JAM is is in draft form for use in New Zealand at the moment.I hope that by putting the data recording sheets here I might save some New Zealand teachers some time! Lynne
Thanks to Maryse Varaine for directing us to this interesting article.|

This article on the left is well worth downloading and reading. Deals with subitising and how essential it is.

In this episode of By The Numbers,
Michelle explains about subitizing,
or visual recognition of numbers,
and how important it is to help your kids with math.

Michelle and Renee talk some more about subitizing,
and show a domino game parents can play with their
children to help them with it.

Subitising Workshop on YouTube

Lots of Free Dominoe Activities to Teach Subitising

This is the sheet I use in class as an
independent activity for my yr 5-6 yr olds.
Can use at 'Count all' or 'Count on' stages
and good subitising practice.Kids enjoy it too!

Grade 1 learning Experiences "Maths Course" - Worth a look

Study Ladder IWB Maths Activities- This one is Number Bingo

NZ Maths and National Standards

How to help children learn basic facts video clip